Spellwood / Eyewear

Built to acquire new clients and receive better consideration from existing clients thanks to a luxurious and impressive brand image.

Paper Tiger / Paper Tiger

Designed to acquire new clients and attract design and development talent.

Martin Charpentier & Thibaut Baillet / Martin Charpentier

Built to create a clean website with a perfect balance between performance and effective user experience.

Flourish / Create Pilates

Designed to develop and increase visitors to the newly opened Pilates studio in Wimbledon - London, attracting a vibrant and varied clientele whilst remaining true to it's offering of Pilates+


Through captivating photography, engaging storytelling, and actionable calls, The 96 Elephants site serves as the premiere educational and recruitment tool of the Wildlife Conservation Society for the global movement to protect Africa's elephants.


Make a simple and clear walkthrough of our agency mindset, services and projects.


The site is meant to be a blend of fun and professionalism with a clear focus on our work and team. The contrast between flat design elements and the introduction of hand cut janky trees and seagulls drive users to explore. A simple navigation and responsive design offer a seamless experience no matter what device or browser visitors are using.

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